No gambling. All games for entertainment only.

Welcome To The Carnival!

Play the Razzle Dazzle, Cover The Spot, the 3 shell game, Fast and Loose, the 3 Disk Monte, see fun card magic, and MORE!  Perfect for trade shows, parties, corporate events, banquets, and anytime fun entertainment is needed to enhance the success of your event at affordable prices! 

Can You Beat the Flim Flam Artist?

Razzle Dazzle Game


The only midway game ever actually banned!  Play for fun, see what it's all about, and how to protect yourself from it!

3 Shell Game


Can you keep up with this?  Find the pea!  You'll get chips to play with and have fun ... and you'll learn why NOT to play!

Fast & Loose


Played with a simple chain and still a big favorite of con men today.  You'll see a demonstration and learn what it's about!

Card Magic


Always fun!  Who doesn't enjoy a good card trick or demonstration of how card sharps and gamblers ply their trade?

3 Disk Monte


Shuffle the disks.  Can you find the white spot?  A popular gambling con still popular today throughout the world.

Psychic Carnival


A fun, simple game with a mental mystery mixed in.  You can't go wrong when you play Psychic Carnival!